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Lytham Partners and Peter G. Spanberger, Ph.D. of PGS Partners Collaborate to Provide Management Consulting Services

Focus will be on providing executive coaching and Board of Directors development services to mid- and small-cap companies

Joe Diaz
Lytham Partners, LLC

PHOENIX, Arizona and HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colorado  - July 26, 2011 - Lytham Partners, LLC announced a partnership with PGS Partners, LLC to provide public company clients with expert management consulting tools in the critical areas of executive coaching and Board of Directors development.

Joe Diaz, managing partner of Lytham Partners said, "We are pleased to be working with Peter Spanberger, a nationally recognized leader in performance consulting with senior executives across the country. We firmly believe that the operational performance of CEOs, their senior management colleagues, and Board members in mid- and small-cap companies can benefit significantly from Peter's expertise and consultations. Traditionally these types of services have been a staple at larger Fortune 500 companies. As small companies are the engine that create jobs and drive the economy, we believe that executives in this market cap segment stand to benefit every bit as much as their larger company colleagues. We are excited to provide these critical consulting services that can enhance operational performance and ultimately shareholder value."

Peter G. Spanberger, Ph.D, principal of PGS Partners, LLC, commented, "We look forward to working with Lytham Partners in this important market segment. As public company Boards of Directors and management team executives face increasingly challenging regulatory requirements, the need to optimize performance becomes ever more critical. I look forward to working with some of the great executives and board members in this segment." 

About PGS Partners

PGS Partners is a consortium of organizational psychologists whose consultation is focused on enhancing a client's understanding of the psychological processes operating within their organizations. This increased understanding enables the development of concrete steps aimed at improved functioning. The consultation is targeted to the Board of Directors and Senior Executives, since this is where the greatest impact occurs.

About Lytham Partners, LLC

Lytham Partners, LLC provides expertise and guidance to small-cap companies in the healthcare, technology, services, agricultural, industrial, aerospace and defense segments, as well as the consumer and capital goods industries. The firm is dedicated to generating substantive communications programs with an emphasis on developing management credibility via data, clear articulation of achievable strategic plans, and timely interaction with investors. For more information visit our website at www.lythampartners.com.