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Article of Interest: Just Gone Public? Here's How to Keep Investors Happy

In a recent article published on Entrepreneur.com, Chris Collett, vice president of Corporate Solutions, NASDAQ OMX, discusses ways in which newly public companies can keep investors engaged and boards satisfied.

The key take-aways from this article are the importance of meeting with investors on a regular basis and access to management. 

"Most importantly, constantly monitor the reception of your investor message. It can be a combination of formal and informal check-ins: send emails, make phone calls, tap social media and other targeting analytics and arrange quick face-to-face meetings with your constituents. It makes no difference on the approach, it just needs to be constant, especially in these early days of your company's life as a publicly-traded entity."

Read the entire article here: Just Gone Public? Here's How to Keep Investors Happy.

Lytham Partners believes the foundation of a successful investor relations campaign is the ability to create relationships. We understand that investment decisions are profoundly influenced by direct interaction between institutional investors and management. To a great many institutions, access to management is the catalyst that validates the quantitative assumptions in a report. This is where long-term sustainable support is born.

Our investor relations process comes from decades of experience with institutional investors and small-cap companies. Our strategies, relationships and expertise provide our client companies, and their shareholders, with a platform for success. 

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