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Board of Directors: Friend or Foe?

Let Lytham Partners help you effectively communicate that vision to your Board and to the national investment community. The proper positioning can have a substantial and lasting impact on the value of your Company. If you do NOT have a clear vision and identifiable success metrics, the Board may become your boss and possibly your worst nightmare.

What's Your IR Philosophy

Lytham Partners believes the foundation of a successful investor relations campaign is the ability to create relationships. We understand that investment decisions are profoundly influenced by direct interaction between institutional investors and management. To a great many institutions, access to management is the catalyst that validates the quantitative assumptions in a report. This is where long-term sustainable support is born.

How many people does it take to approve a press release?

Next to capital, news is the mother's milk of small-cap companies. Investors want to know what is going on at the small-cap companies in which they invest. A quarterly earnings release is not enough. However, if it becomes a titanic struggle to get a press release through a maze of VPs, Board members and the management team, it's unlikely that information will get to investors on a timely basis. That becomes a lost opportunity to enhance shareholder value.

Got Cash?

If you have cash--hold it and forget about buying back shares! Before Lehman Bros. failed and the equity markets melted down, it was generally accepted to have your company levered up a bit, while returning cash to investors and buying back stock. Then the "you know what" hit the fan!

Credible Investor Meetings Enhance Shareholder Value

Access to management is an increasingly important component in an investment manager's decision to initiate a position in your stock. Credible investor meetings can enhance shareholder value. Are you meeting with the right investors?

Shareholder Fatigue?

Do your shareholders lack enthusiasm? Are they looking to move on? Let Lytham Partners bring you a new and energized shareholder base. Be a company with superior prospects!

Growth. Value. Is that what the Street is hearing?

Let Lytham Partners show you how to create a slide deck that compels potential new investors to get in sooner rather than later.

Investing is like shopping. Are you on the list?

The exchanges are just big box stores for institutional investors. Is your company on their shopping lists?

Stock Price = VALUE of CEO

A major component of stock price is the investment community's perception of a company's CEO. Are you making the right impression?