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Why IR Matters

Investor relationships matter because the best possible way to attract and maintain long-term shareholders is to meet with institutional investors face-to-face. The "human touch" can make all the difference in attracting the type of investors that can drive sustainable value.

Working in the White Space

Executives working in the white space--empty spaces on an organizational chart--perform at higher levels. Learn how to acknowledge, create, and be productive in the white space.

Jack's Right Fight

When the head of a division had an impossible target to meet, the only way forward was through a constructive battle between allies.

The Thought Leader Interview: Sylvia Nasar

The renowned author discusses how the great economists uncovered the basic truth about progress, prosperity, and productivity, and the reasons you should be careful which ideas you listen to.

When Best Practice Isn't Enough

Many boards have improved their structures and processes. But to become truly effective stewards of their companies, they must also instill the right mind-set and boardroom dynamics.

Paying Back Your Shareholders

Successful companies inevitably face that prospect. The only real question is how.

IR Website Best Practices to Help Improve Online Communications

Why having a better IR website matters. 

Do You Know Who is Actually Delivering Results?

The executive has to go beyond what is said and attempt to accurately read the situation

IPREO Global Corporate Access Study

Detailed intelligence on the value of various corporate access services in the fast-evolving world of investor relations. 

Public Company Use of Social Media for Investor Relations Part 2


Public Company Use of Social Media for Investor Relations Part I

Twitter and StockTwits 

Diversify the Board... by Personality Type!

A key to a high-functioning board is to intentionally bring together people with differing personality styles that make them well suited to play important behavioral roles.

The Good, the Bad, and the Trustrworthy

Even successful public relations is no longer enough to protect a company's reputation.

A CEO's Guide to Reenergizing the Senior Team

In today's tough and fast-changing environment, CEOs must help their top leaders to work through fear and denial and to learn new rules.

Building a forward-looking board

This McKinsey Quarterly article calls for directors to spend a greater share of their time shaping an agenda for the future.

Just Gone Public? Here's How to Keep Investors Happy

You're tasked with the constant battle of maintaining investor interest -- keeping both institutional and retail investors apprised of your company's evolving business model in real-time -- and measuring your investor relations program's success for your entire management team.

How Proper Incentives and Governance Create Long-Term Value

Practical guidance to those who manage or approve compensation plans ("compensation managers") within organizations ranging from large, publicly traded companies to small, private ones.

Upgrading R&D in a Downturn

Cutting research costs across the board in a recession isn't smart. Companies should use R&D as an opportunity to make themselves more competitive.

How Aha! Really Happens

The theory of intelligent memory suggests that companies relying on conventional creativity tools are getting shortchanged.