opportunity analysis

Research Coverage

Lytham Partners has nearly two decades of experience understanding the relationship between public companies and the investment research community. We work closely with our client companies to convey the benefits which come from coverage, leveraging those efforts into each company's success.

Leveraging our strong reputation among portfolio managers and independent money managers, our clients are provided with access to savvy investors looking to validate the quantitative and narrative assumptions in a report. Management teams are introduced to a wide variety of firms to begin the very important process of creating a relationship that leads to long-term investors.

While many traditional sell-side institutional sales teams focus on a very specific group of institutions that are customers of the firm, Lytham Partners is not bound by those same restrictions. We look instead to work directly with management teams to identify gaps in institutional ownership, whether by region or style of investment, and begin the relationship building process.

Peer Group Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Do you know how your company ranks against its peers?

How your company ranks against its direct peers in your industry's most important metrics has a profound impact on the valuation of your company. 

Let us provide you with a comprehensive peer group analysis at no obligation to you.   

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