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Messaging / Corporate Positioning

With an extensive history of operating in the Wall Street community, the executives of Lytham Partners understand the corporate data and intelligence that the professional investment community seeks in the course of its due diligence process. A critical component to successfully creating value in a company's enterprise is effective communication with members of the professional investment community, the individual investor community, the media, customers, regulators, and company employees.

Lytham Partners looks to ensure that all pieces of the communications puzzle are effectively managed to provide our client companies with a uniform strategy for success.

At the heart of creating successful corporate positioning is the ability to fully understand a company's operations, corporate goals and objectives, and industry trends. We perform extensive due diligence, meeting with company executives and staff to successfully create the positioning, metrics and benchmarks that will guide investors.

Our experience has taught us that while many corporate executives have the ability to successfully communicate the value proposition of their products or services to their customers, such effectiveness typically does not translate when communicating their company's value proposition to the investment community. Often too much emphasis is misplaced on items that are important to customers, but less relevant to potential new institutional investors.

At the end of the day, portfolio managers, independent money managers and research analysts have hundreds, if not thousands, of companies vying for their attention. The goal is to succinctly communicate the value and the compelling opportunity that your company provides for the investor.

Over the last two decades, Lytham Partners executives have been able to successfully transform corporate positioning with an emphasis on maximizing client company valuation and communicating that value and opportunity to attract long-term sponsorship from the national investment community. This variable of the investor relations equation too often is under appreciated, resulting in missed opportunities and continued under valuation.

Virtual Presentation

We believe the most effective form of communications continues to be face-to-face meetings. However, spread across the globe is a large universe of investors, particularly individual and retail investors, that can contribute to the market cap value of a company if they have access to a baseline of information.

Lytham Partners provides our client companies with a platform to reach out to these investors by creating virtual roadshow presentations. The ability for investors to quickly access a company's corporate presentation, accompanied by audio, allows our client companies to effectively communicate their value proposition to a diverse and geographically scattered array of investors.

Conference Presentation

Conference presentations are a unique way to simultaneously introduce your company's story to the masses. On many occasions, a company's presentation is webcast and archived for future viewing. Lytham Partners has created strong relationships with many of the investment banks and independent conference organizers hosting investment community conferences. These relationships have resulted in invitations to present at conference events that benefit the overall investor outreach of our client companies.

Peer Group Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Do you know how your company ranks against its peers?

How your company ranks against its direct peers in your industry's most important metrics has a profound impact on the valuation of your company. 

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